Elite Progression - CF Mahopac/ CF Pawling



1. SAFETY FIRST – You are all in charge of safety. If it looks unsafe, it is.
If coach wouldn’t do that, you don’t do that.
If you violate a rule that creates an unsafe act, you may be asked to leave!

2. Be On Time – Class starts on time. It’s ok to show up early and work on mobility until your class starts (Everyone needs extra mobility). In the event a class runs over their time, this is not the time to start your warm-up while the previous class is in the middle of a WOD, remain on mobility until the class is finished. If you are late, you’re late. Pay the consequences.
*some exceptions apply

3. Do Not Drop Equipment – This includes empty barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, overhead medicine balls. This is a safety rule, first violation gets you the burpee penalty, and second gets you the PVC. Sorry, no exceptions.
Take care of your gear. *this is a safety violation that can lead to removal from class.

4. Cell Phones – Make sure they are on silent! No phone use during skill sessions or during a WOD. This creates complacency, which creates injury. This is also disrespectful to the coach and the rest of the class.
*some exceptions apply

5. RESPECT – This is a 2-way street…Give and you shall receive.
Consider being disrespectful to your Coach a safety violation, think about it.
Zero tolerance for disrespecting your fellow teammates.

6.  Forbidden Word - Can't, Can not, or any word or words that mean the same.
These types of words and thoughts are poison and prevent any positive action from taking place.
So we don't say them!





1. Personal Belongings – Be sure to store all personal belongings in the shelves provided. Keep bags, jackets, and gear off WOD floor space. Water bottles should be kept off main reception desk away from check in computer. ALL belongings SHOULD be taken with you at the end of class. Coaches have their own stuff. Thanks.

2. Bathrooms – Leave it as clean as it was when you walked in.
Notify a Coach if we are out of paper products in bathroom.
Notify a Coach if trash is bursting at the seams.
Guys- get it in the toilet, not on the toilet.
Girls- you know. Don’t make me go there.
This small facility is used by many, keep it pleasant.

3. Sweat, Blood, and Tears – Be sure to shed all three, just clean it up afterwards. Wipes are available to clean gear and area. Be courteous and wipe your pit sweat of the band
(or any piece of equipment in that case) when you’re done.
Zero blood rule – it’s cool, but it’s got to be cleaned.

4. Clean Up – Return all used equipment to its designated area.
Unless a Coach asked you to leave it out, it doesn’t go there.
Make sure kettlebells are aligned by color, med balls are stored by weight, bars are in bar holder, and plates are off main floor.
Help each other clean up, teamwork is awesome!

5. Provide Support – You joined a community of like minded people. You are all here for the same reason, to be better.
You all started as a beginner. Just because you finished the WOD first doesn’t mean you’re done, support your fellow CrossFitter!
Build the Elite Progression Team to be indestructible!

6. Have Fun - This is your hour. To release all tension. To get strong. To forget the outside.  Be loud.
Be hard. Be crazy. Be yourself. Whatever your purpose for that day is, have fun with it!


There are only a couple instances where you will pay for your penalty alone.
Most penalties are best corrected with a peer encouraged method, so everyone will share your penalty!
Example:  Your 5 minutes late, the class does 10 burpees with you...
If you have a blatant disregard for the Laws and Etiquette of your Box, your peers will let you know.


Late = 2 burpees per minute late (15min cap, then your too late)
Leave Equipment Out = 20
Cell Phone = 15
Sweat/Blood = 15

Drop Equipment = 30, second offense – use of only PVC,
third offense – body weight only
*this is a safety violation and each account will be looked at in its severity for means of dismissal.

Leave Class on the Run = 20 (consider this your buy-out for leaving class early)

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8th- Fittest Alive in 845 Team Edition
22nd- Holiday Party @ Centennial Golf Club

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